Week 4 ~ Its a new day, its a new dawn…

Michael Bouble said it best! “Its a New Day, Its a New Dawn, Its a New Life…” So many amazing things happened, happening, yet to happen… Amazing! Interesting! and things that make you go “Hugh?”  Isn’t it interesting what you SEE when you open your eyes to the possibilities?  You still speak the same language, YET people look at you like they do not understand what you are saying…  Some nod and smile but you know what they are thinking… They are thinking “Who are you and where is my friend/sister/colleague?”  They want you to engage in gossip and you won’t… They wonder if you’ve had too much wine when you extend a compliment… They wonder why you are so happy!

Getting all the exercises done has not gotten a whole lot easier but I persevere!  Quitting is not an option for me, I will succeed or die trying. They can add that quote to my tomb stone 🙂  However, I can honestly say that through the layers of what feels like “fog” I can see the light, I can feel the heat of the sun, as I pave a new road of good habits and self-confidence.

Look out world because a New Me is in the making.

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Week 3 ~ Is it just me…

I understand that all the readings are creating good habits and I’m feeding my Subby positive & definite information, however the one habit I seem to have no time for is “work“! It seems like the clock is ticking just a little faster every day! Except of course when I sit for 15 minutes, that seems to last ALL day!  And I find I can’t sleep at night with my mind racing… Is it just me?

It feels like my “work” list is getting longer and so are my tasks for my scholarship…  Our Weekly Blueprint-Building Homework first task says to ” Schedule dates with family members, your faith, the world within.” I’d like to but when?  Is it just me?

I welcome your comments, tell me how YOU are getting all your “requirements” done everyday.  Your help would be greatly appreciated! I’m feeling overwhelmed and the anticipation of “more” requirements to come is making me feel anxious.  Is it just me?

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Week 2 ~ The Man in the Mirror

As I work diligently at keeping up with the curriculum, I feel like my head is reeling with “information overload”. Technology is testing my patience and my years of “wisdom” are no help it seems… I continue to create good habits through my day and occasionally catch myself as I indulge in a bad habit, but only momentarily.  My new habit have me talking to myself in the mirror, and when I feel a bit foolish I remember  Michael Jackson’s words from the song Man in the Mirror:  “I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life, it’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right . . . I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways,  and no message could have been any clearer, if you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change”  

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Week One ~ So little to do, so much time to do it… WAIT! Strike that, reverse it!

What a week! (and its only Wednesday) The old expression comes to mind “It never rains, it pours”  Life has a way of announcing itself in a BIG way.  Am I a little stresses? Yes!  Am I a little tired? Yes!  Am I a little excited about life?  No!  I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT LIFE!   Continue reading

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